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"Life's not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain."
~ Vivian Greene

Clear Quartz Pendants

These pendants are clear quartz points, capped with silver and strung on a black braided cord.

Each varies a little in size, however, they're all ONLY $5 each.

If you're interested in buying several, please contact me at


**Click on the thumbnails to view a larger photo of each piece.



8273                                 8274                                                              

  SOLD                                           #8274                                                                           
                                                  0.3" x 1.3"                                              
8276                                 8277
  SOLD                                         SOLD         


8278                                 8279

  #8278                                      SOLD

0.3" x 1.3"                               


8280                                8281

 SOLD                                        #8281

                                               0.25" x 1.1"


8282                                8283

 #8282                                     #8283

0.3" x 1.1"                              0.4" x 1.3"


8284                              8285  

 #8284                                     #8285

0.4" x 1.4"                              0.3" x 1.4"



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